R&D Strength

The company has always been committed to product research and innovation. In addition to the research and development center at the Quanzhou manufacturing base, we will explore the establishment of an application research and development center in Shanghai in 2021. Based on the two major research and development centers in Quanzhou and Shanghai, and based on the accumulated product formulas over the years, combined with the characteristics of different regional tastes, a variety of composite seasonings suitable for different market demands have been developed. The company has been recognized as a key high-tech enterprise since 2011 and has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise for the fifth time in 12 consecutive years. At the same time, the company has also been awarded titles such as 2019 Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Fujian Province "Specialized, Refined, Special and New" Enterprise.

In the future, we will continuously introduce high-quality R&D engineers, professional technical personnel, kitchen staff, and expert consultants from higher education institutions to form a R&D team, build a talent echelon of the R&D system, combine development trends, guide market demand, develop new products and formula improvements, and develop personalized products according to different customer needs to meet diversified market demands. Based on R&D investment, we will continue to output products for household retail, catering, industry, and other sub sectors, and prepare relevant technical reserves to achieve the dual head strategic goals of curry and meat flavored compound seasonings. We will also continue to optimize existing production standards and processes, seeking a better balance between cost saving, simplified processes, and enriching derivative products. We will continue to assist the company in transforming from a pure seasoning supplier to a provider of systematic solutions, empowering the catering industry and food processing enterprises to achieve innovative development.

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